recital information

Saturday, June 11, 2022 (Rain Date: Saturday, June 18, 2022)
Location: East Haddam, 2:00pm (Scale Competition), Recital will begin after the Scale Competition, then awards!

Attire: Casual (Dress comfortably for the weather and so that you are not distracted.)

Items to Bring (Performers): Music Stand(s), Sunglasses, Music Clips (to hold your music if it's windy), Folding Chair(s), Music, Flute and anything else you need to assist you and make your performance comfortable for you.

Items to Bring (Non-Performers): Folding Chair(s) - Lawn Chairs, Camera/Phone to record your student, blanket

Food & Drinks: Picnic Style!  Bring your own basket of goodies for your family/friends and if possible a dish or snack to share.  You're shared dish/snacks do not have to feed everyone that is coming. The studio will have water, ice tea and coffee for everyone.

All students need to use the registration form to confirm attendance, piece information, etc.  If you are performing a duet both parties should register individually below and make a reference to who they are playing with and what they are playing.

Family & Friends are welcome to attend.  

If you are using an iPad or any electronic device please have it fully charged prior to arrival.

scaling bee competition


Similar to a spelling bee but with scales! Each division has different requirements so please check with me if you are unsure which one to register for.  This is a competition but it's also designed to be fun.  All participants will receive an award of acknowledgment and the winners will get a little extra something something.

100% of the entry fee will go to support the 501(c)(3) Offbeat Music, which is an organization founded to support musicians of all skill levels through performance and educational opportunities.

Scale sheets will be provided to all participants so you know what to expect.  Some will need to memorize, others will not.  You may enter more than one category if you qualify. Entry fee of $10 is required for each category.

There will be a judge (not me) that will be monitoring each round to make sure everyone is fairly scored or to break any ties.  A complete list of how each round will work will be available closer to the date of the competition.

*Continuous playing means the player did not take any breaks during the required years.  This will generally apply to elementary through college age students.*

Note Natural: 12 years old & under OR 1-3 years of continuous* playing. A scale sheet will be provided to you. Quarter Note = 70, All Notes Articulated. 

Sharp Shooter: 13 years - 17 years OR 4-10 years of continuous* playing. A scale sheet will be provided. Quarter Note = 80 or faster. All Notes Articulated.

Diatonic Dominator : 18 years - 30 years OR 11+ years of playing. A scale sheet will be provided.  Memorization may be required. Quarter Note = 80 or faster.  All Notes Slurred.

Fb Fanatic : 31 years or older.  A scale sheet will be provided.  Memorization may be required. Quarter Note = 80 or faster. All Notes Articulated or Slurred. 

Loops: Any current or former member of Flute Loops.  A scale sheet will be provided.  Memorization may be required.

Extended Major Scales: Any age or skill level. Quarter Note = 80 or faster.  All Notes Articulated.

Entry fees need to be cash or check made out to: Offbeat Music.

recital & Scale Competition registration