Adult Flute Choir)

Music learning and performance doesn't have to end after high school. This group is designed to accommodate any skill level and give adults an opportunity to learn and perform in a comfortable and supportive environment with professional coaching. Each semester the ensemble(s) will receive at least five (5) one hour coaching sessions culminating in a performance at the end. Members will be placed in an ensemble based on their level.  A live "audition" may be required solely for placement purposes.

Must be 18 years or older
Own your own flute
Own your own music stand
Be willing to practice at home on your own time
Be able/willing to perform with the group for all performance(s)
$45/Semester Tuition or $75/Annual Tuition

Please Contact the Studio for Availability

2019/2020 Schedule

2020 Spring Schedule (MONDAYS 7pm - 8pm)
January 20
February 10 & 24
March 23
April 6 & 27
May 4 & 18

2020 Spring Schedule (SUNDAYS 6pm - 8pm)
January 19
February 9
March 22
April 26
May 17

Spring Performance

Spring Members
Karen Ciccone
Kathryn Conety
Michelle Crawford
Amy Morganson
Lisa Peeling
Diane Walsh
Jessica Wolf

Please Contact the studio prior to registering for availability or if you have any questions.

Clare McIntyre

Colchester, CT

I have been playing flute for nine years in the Colchester Public Schools system, and I am currently in the Bacon Academy 6:45 Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Band. I am also a flutist in the Greater Hartford Youth Wind Ensemble, and have performed in a few festival bands. I try to spend all of the time I can with my flute and piccolo, whose respective names are Brody and Borislav. Looking ahead, I plan to study Music Education in college. I love playing with the Flute Loops, and am super excited for our performances this year!

Flute Loops Roster

Tim Belliveau

North Windham, CT

I began playing the flute at age 10 in the Norwich Public School System. I played in Concert Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, and even as an occasional accompanist with the Chorus. Later I played in many groups, including Community Bands, Woodwind Quintets, Union Bands, Pit Orchestras, and for 20 years in the CT Army National Guard Band. 

Currently I keep my flute skills active with Flute Loops and CMR woodwind quintets.  Be-“leaf” it or not, I am in this picture… (hint: look behind the tree)

Dan Burns

Wallingford, CT

Unlike many others, I began playing the flute in my 30’s (30 years ago).  Although I did play the accordion for three years when I was 8.  Why the flute instead of another instrument?  It is smaller than a tuba.  I am a retired chemical engineer.  My wife and I live in Wallingford.  In addition to Flute Loops, I play with town bands in Branford and Wallingford.  My favorite flute to play is my alto flute, which has a rich, lower sound than the regular flute.

Lu Finegan

Gales Ferry, CT

I live with my husband Steve (Flute Loops groupie). I’m a pharmacist by trade, and work in corporate pharmacy operations.  My love for music started when I was a child - leading me to learn the piano. I’ve always loved the flute so finally started learning a few years ago. I’ve very excited to be a part of Flute Loops and to play music with such a great group of people!

Chuck Gendrich

Middletown, CT

I’ve played cello and bass for many years, so when my daughter handed me her new flute and said, “Play this, Dad!” I was skeptical.  But once I heard the low C and felt how light the instrument is, I was sold!  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to play with Flute Loops, where I am constantly inspired to play better, and where rehearsals are all about playing everything musically.  And of course, thanks to Katie, for getting me hooked on flute!!

Lisa LaRochelle

Plainfield, CT

I live with a wonderful guy named Jeff and two dogs named Clyde and Harmony. I have two sons, Brayton and Brett,  and a brand new daughter-in-law named Myca,  who came here a  few months ago from the Philippines. I’ve been blessed in this life with good health, good friends and the opportunity to share my gifts as a piano and yoga teacher. I started playing the flute in 2016 and am psyched to be part of this group.