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"The Hand Carved Sound!" with Aiven O'Leary


The studio is hosting Aiven O'Leary with one of the world's leading flutemakers, the Haynes Flute Company, as she discusses headjoints, headjoints and headjoints!

The class will be an interactive look into the headjoint-making process. You will learn how slight changes in the headjoint can have a huge impact on your sound.


(Online) Body Mapping for Flutists (Masterclass w/Erin)

The Vivero Flute Studio, 44 Halls Hill Road, Colchester

Injury prevention and enhanced performance through increased awareness of body mechanics is vital for all humans. This class will be geared towards flute players and the small steps you can take to increase your awareness, improve your performance, and lessen your pain or prevent it.

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Single Track Downloads NOW Available!

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