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“Make the Blessings Known: Unabashed Joy"

First Congregational Church of Wallingford, 23 South Main Street, Wallingford

Joy doesn’t wait for struggle to be over. Mary “rejoices” in the midst of her pregnancy, a state of affairs that would have put her in a position of dishonor among her people. We join together in a prophetic chorus and are therefore more bonded as a whole, multiplying and magnifying the exuberance to all. We also celebrate Advent 3 through our Choral Sermon: A Thrill of Hope by Joel Raney, offered by our Minister of Music, Chancel Choir, and instrumentalists.

All are welcome!

Welcome to the Gayborhood!

Aetna Theater at the Wadsworth Antheneum, 600 Main Street, Hartford

What does it mean to be LGBTQ+ in 2020? What defines us, our families, our communities? Come hear what it means to us as we present songs of celebration, family and love and share a few of our own stories with you. From love’s first kiss to finding our ways and living our lives, you’ll laugh, cry and ultimately feel more connected to each other as we sing of the universal experiences that we all face together.

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Single Track Downloads NOW Available!

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