Margarita Midge goes to the symphony

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Body of Needs, Middletown, CT

Written By Erin Vivero (Hardcover ISBN: 9798218226053)

Ever wonder what the proper etiquette should be, as an audience member at the symphony? Look no further, Margarita Midge will show you exactly what NOT to do. Oblivious and self-absorbed, the life of (her) party is never bored. Antics galore, Midge is everything you shouldn't be to the core. Learn from her and you'll always be accepted at any show, for sure.


The Professional Flute Choir Competition is comprised of all professional-level flutists and flute teachers. Members were selected through auditions and will be performing a selection of works at the 52nd Annual National Flute Association Convention. Conducted by Gareth McLearnon (

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